About Patrice

Patrice Davis, founder and owner of Signature Desire Boutique, can not be defined by one word. She's an entrepreneur, fashion designer, beauty and fashion consultant, image director, visual director and business consultant, among other things. Her love for fashion is credited to her life long love for designing. Designing with her cousin Ashley Perry at a young age of 9 taught her how to sew and pushed her to pursue a more exciting personal style. 

After working in social work for 10 plus years, she realized that her dreams would only come true if she created her own opportunities in fashion. 

The multifaceted content creator has established herself as a fierce businesswoman with an unmatched work ethic. Her hunger led her to get back into fashion and sparked her creativity.  "I never knew so many people would see me as remotely interesting". I just thought my style was classy but sensual and grew to accept it. It is such a blessing to bring all my creative visions to life size for everyone to enjoy.

 Please email Signaturedesireboutique@gmail.com.

"Put ownership on things that you desire"
                                             Special Thanks 
  Dorene Davis (Inventory Asst.)